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Lexus Live Client Sprint


Do something that’s not an ad that gets Gen-Z to see Lexus as a desirable brand.

Our Idea:

Lexus challenges what it means to buy a car

In order to build up the value in buying a Lexus, we did something no other car brand has done before. We designed a new incentive system that gives Lexus owners the keys to drive the brand. 

By verifying their vehicle-identification-number through the Lexus app, owners get instructions and access to a Lexus Curator NFT. This authenticates who gets access to making decisions on behalf of the Lexus brand, at it all begins at



The inaugural Lexus event, curated by the Lexus owners themselves 


Held in conjunction with Art Basel in Miami, this annual, three-day party is part music festival, part art gallery, and part fashion show, curated by the Lexus owners and the Lexus early collaborators.


With Lexus being a contributor to culture instead of extracting from it, Gen-Z will see the authentic investments being made by Lexus drivers and desire to be a part of it.


Gen-Z sees themselves as creators. Lexus is their vehicle to bring their taste onto the world's stage.

Role: Copywriter

Team: Dillon Key (ST), Paul Noonan (XD), Martin Rees (CW), Kat Thompson (AD)

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