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Dumb is the new smart

Ryan is a writer who loves the craft of writing. Before he worked with brands, he worked with film and television studios for eight years. His writing has appeared anywhere from Disney kid’s programing to Adult Swim with The Eric Andre Show. Working mostly in comedic circles, he has been heavily influenced by the people he’s worked alongside and has become a tireless advocate for dumb ideas.

Ryan changed careers in 2021 to pursue advertising. As an intern at The Martin Agency in 2022, he concepted, wrote, pitched, and sold a campaign for Hanes. Since becoming full-time, Ryan has been tapped for a plethora of other brands, as well as new business and Super Bowl pitches, providing an ability to present surprising, insightful work at the highest levels.


Ryan is currently the only creative in the world without any tattoos, but is open to changing that should the opportunity require. 

Wow. You made it to the end. You've read my entire website. You can scroll back up now.

Seriously. Stop. There's nothing else to see.

I'm not saying it again.

Alright, fine. Fuck it.

(sorry, this doesn't work on mobile. I'm a writer, not a web designer, cut me some slack)

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