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Be Dumb

Notable Dumb experiences

I admit, I don't know much. So I ask a lot of questions. I like to learn. I like to dig deep into strange topics for no reason other than curiosity. I like to go places I've never been. I like to do things I've never done.


Strangely, not knowing much has taught me a lot. 

- Ran a marathon and cried

- Froze half-to-death on Mt. Whitney 

- Slept under a car at the hottest Coachella on record 

- Got robbed in Samoa

- Pretended to be the guitarist in a fake band called Bloo

- My parents named me Thomas but always called me Ryan

Wow. You made it to the end. You've read my entire website. You can scroll back up now.

Seriously. Stop. There's nothing else to see.

I'm not saying it again.

Alright, fine. Fuck it.

(sorry, this doesn't work on mobile. I'm a writer, not a web designer, cut me some slack)

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