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I write ads, film, television, comic books, and whatever else requires words to be strung together into sentences.


(sometimes I even get paid for it.)


I started in Los Angeles as a toilet scrubber on the set of America’s Next Top Model and worked my way up to become a disillusioned screenwriter of kids shows, prank shows, and movies that got executives fired. Everything you think is cool in Hollywood, I did it. Every celebrity you love, I got their lunch order wrong once, probably.  


Hollywood’s not as glamorous as it’s portrayed in the movies, it’s better. ™


In 2021, I decided I wanted to see more of my work get made. I went back to school (VCU Brandcenter), sold the Hanes 1901 campaign, and started getting more of my work made.

So, if you’re into low-brow humor, ads that look like movies, or *awards, email me. 

*awards pending

Wow. You made it to the end. You've read my entire website. You can scroll back up now.

Seriously. Stop. There's nothing else to see.

I'm not saying it again.

Alright, fine. Fuck it.

(sorry, this doesn't work on mobile. I'm a writer, not a web designer, cut me some slack)

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