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Four-part series and graphic novel

Published by AAM-Markosia, London

Art: Nicolas Santos

Roald Cabot, a modern-day solo explorer made famous by his daring attempts to cross remote landscapes, is attacked by what he thinks is a polar bear in the Arctic night. Critically injured and alone, he is forced to accept the help of others — a bizarre clan of huntsmen claiming to be tracking the Yeti. 

Available for purchase, both digital and hard copy, at most online retailers

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Graphic novel (18+)

Work in progress / seeking publication


Art: Julian Bishop

After an asteroidal impact and the fall of modern civilization, a troubled woman from Los Angeles travels across the United States on a treacherous journey to the last known source of food and running water. Upon her arrival, she comes face to face with the town’s unhinged religious leader whose accurate doomsday prediction has turned him into a god.

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